The Lesson of Gratitude: A Tale from the Prophet’s Time


The Lesson of Gratitude: A Tale from the Prophet’s Time

In the routine life of a woman, her husband would bring guests home almost every day. She diligently prepared meals for these guests, but the daily chore became overwhelming. One day, she decided to seek advice from the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).




Seeking Guidance from the Prophet

Approaching the Prophet, she explained her predicament, “O Messenger of Allah, my husband brings a guest home every day, and I find myself exhausted from constantly preparing meals. Is there any way to avoid this?”

In response, the Prophet maintained a thoughtful silence, observing her distress, and she returned home without receiving a direct solution.

The following day, the woman revisited the Prophet, expecting a resolution to her predicament. However, he remained silent once again, and she returned home perplexed.

The Unseen Lesson Unfolds

The next day, the Prophet summoned the woman’s husband and informed him, “Tomorrow, I will be your guest.” The man, delighted by the prospect, rushed home to share the news with his wife.

Ecstatic, the woman immediately set about preparing a lavish feast. As the Prophet enjoyed the meal, he whispered to the husband, “When I leave, tell your wife to look back as I depart.”

Unveiling a Lesson in Gratitude

As the Prophet left their home, the husband relayed the message. To her astonishment, the woman witnessed a miraculous sight – insects, snakes, and all kinds of pests accompanying the Prophet, leaving their home entirely.

Shaken by the vision, she hurried to the Prophet the next day, and he explained, “A guest brings his own destiny with him. The efforts you put into hosting a guest will absolve your household of sins. Cherish the presence of guests, for when they depart, they take away your burdens.”

Embracing the Wisdom

Understanding the profound wisdom, the woman not only continued to welcome guests but did so with newfound gratitude. She realized that hosting guests was not just a social obligation but a source of blessing, cleansing her home of sins.

In a world where guests carry away not just gratitude but also the burdens of the host, let us learn from this ancient lesson of hospitality and embrace the richness that guests bring to our lives.