Sheikh Saadi and the Woman Who Sheltered His Donkey


Sheikh Saadi and the Woman Who Sheltered His Donkey

Sheikh Saadi, the venerable scholar, embarked on a journey accompanied by an unlikely companion—a donkey. As night fell, they arrived at a village in search of a place to rest. However, the villagers were reluctant to offer them shelter.




A Desperate Plea

After futile attempts to find hospitality, a door creaked open. The homeowner explained that his wife was in excruciating pain, and they were desperate for help. Sheikh Saadi, known for his compassion, agreed to assist.

A Divine Solution

Given a room, Sheikh Saadi penned a talisman on a piece of paper and requested the family to tie it to the woman’s navel. Miraculously, the woman found relief instantly, and the village was astir with gratitude.

Departure with Gratitude

The following morning, Sheikh Saadi bid farewell, leaving the village transformed. The talisman, carefully preserved by the villagers, became their remedy for any affliction.

The Village’s Contention

The village’s cleric, however, viewed the talisman with skepticism. He saw an opportunity to expose its contents, believing it would serve his interests.

The Deceptive Gambit

Crafting a deceitful excuse, the cleric requested the talisman. Opening it, he found a simple prayer: “Oh Allah, my donkey and I are now at peace. The rest is Yours to know and handle.”

The Power of Belief

The cleric, irked by the simplicity, failed to comprehend the power of faith. The villagers, undeterred, continued to use the talisman whenever distress befell them, witnessing its remarkable efficacy.

The Legacy Lives On

In adopting Sheikh Saadi’s talisman, the village uncovered a timeless solution. The power of belief, irrespective of the cleric’s cynicism, prevailed, showcasing the potency of faith in the face of adversity.