In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.


Dear friends, in this video, we will discuss why Allah, the Most High, expelled the snake and peacock from Paradise. What transgressions did they commit that led to their expulsion? The account of their actions paints a vivid picture of their fate.


The snake and the peacock were creatures blessed to roam freely in the lush gardens of Paradise. However, their solitary existence left our forefather Adam (peace be upon him) feeling desolate. So, in His infinite mercy, Allah created Eve (may peace be upon her) as a companion for Adam (peace be upon him). Upon her arrival, Adam (peace be upon him) was overjoyed, and both of them began to enjoy the bounty of Paradise.





s time passed, the snake and peacock also enjoyed their existence in Paradise. The snake had a captivating aura, emitting a pleasing fragrance from its mouth, while the peacock dazzled with its exquisite plumage. However, one day, Satan approached them with a cunning plan. He enticed them with false promises and convinced them that partaking of a certain fruit would lead to eternal bliss.

The snake was initially hesitant, but Satan’s persuasive words ultimately swayed it. It took a bite of the forbidden fruit and immediately regretted its decision. The once-alluring fragrance vanished, replaced by a bitter taste in its mouth. The peacock, too, succumbed to the temptation, consuming the fruit.

Suddenly, they both felt a profound change. Their beauty faded, and a sense of shame overcame them. They tried to hide, but their altered appearance was now evident. Allah, the Most Merciful, called upon them and inquired about their actions. They confessed their transgressions, admitting that they had succumbed to Satan’s deceit.

Allah, in His infinite wisdom, decreed their fate. He pronounced that the snake would henceforth slither on its belly, and its offspring would carry this trait. As for the peacock, its once-resplendent plumage was replaced with dull feathers. Both were cast out of Paradise, their former beauty and grace forever lost.

Adam and Eve, upon realizing their mistake, repented sincerely. They sought Allah’s forgiveness and were granted it. They were reassured that they would find a place on Earth to dwell for a designated period, learning from their experience.

This story serves as a powerful reminder of the consequences of succumbing to temptation and disobeying Allah’s commandments. It teaches us the importance of steadfastness and resilience against the whispers of evil. May we draw lessons from this tale and strive to lead lives that are pleasing to our Creator.

In conclusion, the tale of the snake and peacock serves as a cautionary tale, illustrating the perils of yielding to temptation. It reminds us of the boundless mercy of Allah, who grants us opportunities for redemption. May we be steadfast in our faith and seek His guidance in all that we do.