How To Improve Eyesight

 You can eat it daily and give it to your children to keep their eyes healthy. Today’s remedy, the powder we are going to make, is very edible and will give you a lot of benefits, and this remedy is so effective that if the fountain is too small, it will gradually disappear. And if there is a lot of minor number in the fountain, then this number will not increase at all, so how will we make it and what things will we use in it, usually these things are available in our house, so let’s know to take.

 A Remedy For Making Things

First of all, among the three things we will use for this, the first thing is fennel. You take half of the fennel. The one to take for this is the big Misri, which we also call Threaded Misri. It is chemical-free. Either you can take molasses for this or you can take molasses sugar or you can take Misri because it is very useful and cool in effect and the most important thing is that it is chemical free which you can use. Another very important thing when we are making this recipe now we are not adding black pepper in it but if kids like it easily then you can also add black pepper to this remedy.


 A Remedy For Making Things

Before B, roast the fennel a little. Slowly you keep roasting it. Fennel is very useful for your eyes. Their effect is also cool. They also help a lot in digesting food. We should always eat fennel after every meal. It improves the digestive system. And these are great death fresheners too. Fennel also reduces obesity. Apart from this, keep roasting the fennel till this time. Until they start smelling. Heat it on low flame. So that its color is not damaged. When you smell it, turn off the gas. Now, these fennel are hot. Now put the almonds in the same pan and roast the almonds until the almonds crack. Minerals like potassium, magnesium, zinc, iron, and copper are found in abundance in fennel. And almonds are rich in vitamin E. That keeps our minds healthy. Due to protein and fiber being in sufficient quantity, our stomach is also full. And also burns fat.

Take all these things. What we’ll do next is cover a little bit of what’s Egyptian. After that, we will make it. First of all, you should take peace off the fennel. If you sweat together, the powder will not become proper. So first make the fennel powder. After that, put almonds in the same jar. By doing this, the almonds will not release their oil. Both almonds and fennel have been taken by us. Now we take the Egyptians. If there is a thread in the Egyptian, then take it out. These three things are often present in our homes. Now put your peace in it and mix them. It is not

One Spoon Daily

That you can not only give it to children but also benefit from a large batch. Those who have the problem of weakness of eyes especially. Your remedy is ready. Now take one spoon of it daily and take a glass of water with it. If taken with a glass of milk, it is an even better option. Now you can take it anytime, morning or evening, if you want. If you eat it for a few days, you will see that your stomach will also be clean. Sleep will also be very good. Even in the weakness of your eyes and mind, it will benefit you a lot.

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