In today’s era, such things are spread everywhere. And their use is increasing day by day. Because many such things are added to foreign foods to make them tastier. Which proves to be dangerous for us. Because if some foods are used before or after eating many healthy things, they can prove dangerous for us. So let’s know which are the things which should not be used together by mistake.

Tomatoes And Cucumbers Are Used 

The lad is our guarantee of a healthy life, but even in a salad, if tomatoes and cucumbers are used together, they can also cause danger to our health, although if you look almost everywhere, cucumbers and tomatoes are used together. It is presented in the form of salad, but it has been proved from the research done some time ago that when the nutrients present in cucumber and tomato react with each other, food is not digested properly in the stomach. Apart from this, the risk of developing stomach acid and various diseases increases. Therefore, do not eat tomatoes and cucumbers together. Rather, eat these two things at separate times. Of them, Our stomach faces problems in digesting things together. Some people also have a habit of eating salad after eating. But don’t do that at all. Rather, always eat the salad before the meal. By doing this, our digestive system works healthily. But if a salad is eaten after a meal, it reduces the ability to digest food, as a result of which we face various stomach-related diseases.



Milk Products Before Or After Eating Sour Fruits

Milk products and milk products need to be taken care of together because milk is an animal product and all the products that we get from any animal including meat eggs and milk are used. We also need to pay special attention to time because as much as these things are necessary for a healthy body, care is also needed in using these things, including strict fruits before or after eating sour fruits. Do not consume milk after and as well. Do not eat bananas immediately after drinking milk, because whenever these food combinations go into our stomach, they react dangerously with each other due to non-mixing, which results in a decrease in the ability to digest food. Occurs and increases gas in the stomach, not cleaning the stomach properly and the problem of constipation also starts to appear in a serious form.

Onion After Drinking Milk

Also, do not consume onion after drinking milk or milk. Because if we use onion with milk, as a result, the risks of allergy, skin infection, and spots on the skin also increase. Eating curd is essential for a healthy life, but more than that, it is important to take care of the rules associated with eating it. That is why you should not consume meat, tomato, banana, and high-protein pulses immediately after eating yogurt or before eating yogurt. The compounds in yogurt, when combined with high protein, work to increase the toxins in our liver, so that the compounds and toxins that accumulate in the body over time turn into serious diseases.

Hot Water Is Mixed With Honey, Then Bad Result

Honey is a honey that is considered to be very successful in eradicating many types of diseases, but if it is not used properly, it not only exposes us to diseases but also the beneficial ingredients present in it. are also wasted, especially if honey is used in hot things, it proves to be harmful to us and we do not get any benefit from it, because whenever we mix honey in hot things If there are, all the minerals found inside it are lost and the rest inside it directly weakens our nervous system. Our nervous system does the work of conveying to our brain, but if we use the hot liquid in which tea, coffee, or hot water is mixed with honey, then as a result, we have to face the weakness of the nervous system, that’s why. Do not mix honey with anything hot to get its full benefits.


Fish Do Not Use The Mentioned Food Combination Together

Fish is a useful food for people of all ages, but after eating it, things like milk, curd, butter, or pulses can be dangerous for us, so you should protect yourself from diseases. Do not use the mentioned food combination together


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